Let’s talk (or type), but talking is best.
We like to get a feel for exactly what you’re looking for. Do you have ideas? Pinterest boards? Favorite colors? Once we can chat about the general idea you have then we can really go crazy coming up with ideas specifically for you and your project. Boring, but necessary stuff. Once we’ve talked, we will provide you with an estimate and detailed contract based on the project. If you approve, then we will need a 50% deposit and signed approval to start designing. Let’s chose and be choosy. Depending on the project, we will provide two to three different options or looks. This helps us narrow down the direction of the project. You might have thought that you love the color yellow, but then seeing it on paper you realize yellow?!? What was I thinking? Or you might love the way it looks and want to continue with that look. Either way it’s a great way to make sure that we give you exactly what you want. Let’s get nitpicky.
After we’ve determined which direction to take the project, then we can get down to the details. We will provide three rounds of proofs to make sure that we get it precisely right. Let’s wrap it up.
You will need to approve the final proof but don’t worry we’ll also triple-check it for spelling and other small errors. Once, the final proof is approved your remaining balance is due. Addressing, stamps and stuffing.
Every project is different, but in general we like to include addressing and stamps into paper projects. This makes things as easy for you as possible, and lets us create a cohesive look to the entire project. All addressing, stamps and other small mailing details will be discussed in the initial estimate of the project. Other vendors. Love letterpress? Want original calligraphy? We love letterpress and calligraphy and we can coordinate with the best vendors to handcraft your vision. Be happy!
We like to work directly with you every step of the way to make sure that the project you first envisioned is everything and more that you wanted. Have questions? Email or call us. The most important part for us is to make our clients dreams a reality. Pricing?
Contact us for a free quote for your vision.


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